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Providing affordable medicine so people don't have to go without.

Join Rx Outreach and your friends at the Ultimate Fan Experience fundraiser on

Friday, August 18th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Join us to play with a purpose at Busch Stadium, home of the 11-time World Champion St. Louis Cardinals and raise money to provide medicine for people in need. Rx Outreach is honored to present Steve Lipstein, CEO of BJC HealthCare, with the Champion for Health award for his visionary leadership in creating healthy communities. Click HERE for tickets and more information.

For people like Marshall and Linda, your help changes lives.

Married couple, Marshall and Linda, ages 76 and 77, both suffer with rheumatoid arthritis. They were both taking the same medication for years and learned that their drug was moved to a higher tier on Medicare. Instead of a $20 copay, it was now going to cost nearly $500 per month. They had tried other drugs, but found this was the only one that worked. Their doctor's appeal to the insurance company was denied and they were out of hope. They agonized over a way to pay for the medicine because, as Linda pointed out, "the drug was more important than our food."

Marshall and Linda talked about it and made the decision that they were going to cut back on food so they could afford their medicine. Fortunately, Marshall heard about Rx Outreach and called about the drug. He and Linda cried when they found out they could get their medicine for free. Because of Rx Outreach, they didn't have to make that terrible choice between food and medicine.

Sadly, their story is not unique. Many people choose to cut back on food, take their medication every other day, or cut pills in half – just because they can't afford their medicine.

Fortunately Rx Outreach is here to help. We are able to make medicine affordable because of the generosity of our donors – YOU!

Donate now to change a life and ensure that people like Marshall and Linda don't ever have to choose between food and medicine.

To donate, you can complete the information above, call Julie at 314-627-6201, or mail a gift to Rx Outreach at 3171 Riverport Tech Center Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63043.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined or supported the Rx Outreach GO! Run/Walk! Click HERE to see the pictures from the GO! St. Louis Walk/Run event on April 8th and 9th.

Watch Tim's story below to see what a difference your donation can make in someone's life.